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How to Using a Hijab According to Face Shape

              Do you feel unconfident with  your hijab, then you feel less fit with your head? as amakeup, apparently wearing the hijab can be utilized to correct face shape, provided we know the tips. I want to share, how to using a hijab according to face shape:
1. Oval Face
Oval face is face shape which is ideal type of face. Characteristic of the face looks proportional, such as: jaw, temples, long chin, and cheeks. Oval face shape is suitable for all types hijab. You can wear inner any form, whether it inner pet, bandanas or Arabic inner. Try to match the colors according to the color of your skin, so you will look more perfect, become more beautiful and graceful.

2. Long faces and triangular faces
Long face is more than one half the width of the forehead. Broad forehead with a wide jaw, also typically have a high forehead and long chin is more dominant. Characteristic triangular face with a face almost as long, only difference is the width of the triangle has a bigger forehead than the width of the jaw.

Tips for wearing the hijab in the type face is wearing hijab with the cheeks and jaw pulled back at the nape of the neck or peg style, so the face seems wider

Turkish style is the most fitting hijab, because it will give a full impression and more solid for a long face. You may roll your hair to your head shape better and balanced with a face.

3. Round Face
A round face look the same between the length of the width of the face, usually covered with a cheek bone jaw. Avoid wearing an inner covering the forehead who can impress the shorter face, avoid wearing the accessories pinned at the nape of the neck because it will show the cheeks and jaw. Use an inner made from an elastic spring to head size is not increased. Avoid using the bun because it will make the round shape of the head.

4. square face
Square also has a long face and wide forehead is relatively the same. characterized also by a wide jaw and strong jaw bone shape. Pull the hood lines up to cover most of your cheeks to give the impression of the face appear more elongated and slender.
For the square-faced you should use a rounded inner frames the face shape that will become softer and eliminating sharp lines. Avoid using loud colors and flashy. Use a soft color or layer so  the face look more full.

Should select the cotton scarf is so comfortable and not hot when worn. That is because the heat is not the original cotton so comfortable when worn.

Hopefully it is usefull for you..

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